The Flower in the Sepulcher

A Festive Occasion

In which Finn has no idea what is about to happen

Dear Father,

It’s been quite some time since I left home again— my apologies for the long delay between letters. I’ve— we’ve— been busy since the very moment I set foot back in the City of Keels and Piles. Shortly after I arrived we had to set out on a pressing errand: we were sent ranging to find an old stronghold in the swamp, one of the Mosquito Kingdom’s foci. This one was rather important to us, for one of my companions (the venerable and ever-reliable Father Galen) had a… condition that could be somewhat helped if we were to seek it out. We found evidence of a great army, and (don’t tell— you know, on second thought, go ahead and tell Mother if you like) fought a few dead and deadly beasts, one with a vicious telepathic ability. Thankfully we fought it off, and Galen’s condition seems to have improved at least somewhat. All told, that was a rather nasty business, though I had a great deal of fun and got some valuable practice working our way through the ruins there— a challenge of skill in one room, several complicated locks, and a large mechanism in the upper floors that I managed to jury-rig so that we could bypass a step in its process.

We also had some business intercepting an ambush by a contingent of White Rabbit Runners. I fear they’re going to hold a rather awful grudge, though I’m none too fond of them. I got to learn what it feels like to be paralyzed (distinctly unpleasant, in case you wondered) but thankfully Mina and Cyrus came to my rescue once they’d dealt with the remaining Runners. Our next ranging will take us out toward where the Runner in White is said to lie— I am looking forward to it, I’ve been itching to get to Her Majesty’s request.

With all that (and a few other things of note, I’ll have to write you again when I’ve got a moment) behind us, we have an EVENT tonight! Mina wants to prove herself to Cyrus’s family, and what better way to prove you aren’t an uncultured heathen than to host a dinner party? We’ve set the menu, the dining room looks just lovely, our house automaton is barricaded in another room (he’s been acting quite strangely the last day or two, sweeping at a place that’s already clean— I hope his enchantment isn’t wearing off), I’m suitably dressed, and (this part you can’t tell Mother, she’ll pester me for details) our friend Bex has set me up with a date for dinner. Ser Fastpike is an aquatic elf, a ranger; I’ve not met him but hopefully he can at least make conversation. We’ve got some rather stick-in-the-mud guests on the list out of necessity, we’ll see how this goes.

Dinner is on the stove and Bex has just arrived— my cue to start the canapes and to get out of my kitchen togs and into the lovely dress the tailor in Carmine put together for me. Here goes nothing!

All the best to you and Mother,



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