The Flower in the Sepulcher

Free Association

This one has been grouped with a number of additional adventurers. It appears the one who required this one’s assistance has left town. That one’s box was not its own, and yet this one swore to recover it on that one’s behalf. The box, of apparent dwarven make, has been seized for the time by the Moss-covered ones. This one sought the guidance of Grezz├╝ to interpret the inscription of the box, but it was beyond even that one’s great knowledge to interpret the dwarven script. This one suspects it to be in a cypher. The scribe of the Moss-Covered ones believes the box will return to these ones, and perhaps this one shall run across the false merchant, to deliver the box to that one.

This one’s destiny may be approaching. This one has never had a home before, but the Moss-Covered ones have tied my fate to that of the Half-Orc Naheeda Sand, certainly an impressive figure, tall for a pink one, that one needs incline its head only slightly to look this one in the eyes, and carries a bow which appears to be built to be drawn by someone of immense strength, perhaps stronger than any creature this one has come across in its wanderings. This one is impressed, but wary of that one’s anger issues, though they appear to be directed towards the pink ones, that one seemed quite welcomely forward and pleasant with this one. That one travels with the one who may be a harbinger of destiny. Abad Ibn Mousa Al-Arakis trafics in the loa of the northern deserts, the djinn. That one, however, wears the mark of the spider on both head and hand. This one will keep a close eye on that one to determine in which one’s domain it falls. That one greeted this one as a member of those who have fallen away from the old ways, it is possible that the ancestors no longer care for that one’s actions. The dead care only for those who care for them.

These ones now join together in voluntary association to assist the residents of this city. Strange, disgusting place that it is (at least the one known as Naheeda understands the disturbing nature of cities). We shall embark to the hive in order to assist the collective friend, and this one hopes, to find out who it is that calls itself this ones friend. This one helps all who ask faithfully, though this one would not claim any friends.



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