The Flower in the Sepulcher

Into the Dark...

Lars Log

Dammit, for the first time on an adventure I worry that my companions and I may be outmatched.

In our journey into the depths of what we learned to be some kind of twisted, heretical death camp for orcs, we discovered that one of the most notorious, ruthless mercenary companies are under a lucrative contract with the Mosquito Kingdom. Not only that, but an agreement between an unknown imperial majesty and the Kingdom’s first lord seems to be in place, and I shudder to think of the terms or implications. Where do these alliances end? Where does our journey end?

I wouldn’t surprise me if we are being toyed with. The resources we are up against, we have but a salvaged fraction to call our own. Soon, I fear, there will be war involving parties in Treff too foolish or naive to fear the power of the Kingdom.

We must continue to obtain the foci – it may be our only chance to avoid these trying odds.



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