The Flower in the Sepulcher

A long road ahead...

We set out on our next assignment to liberate a ruin of foul spirits and dark magic unlike that I have seen before. I felt my mental and physical preparedness to be sufficient for this quest, however upon our arrival my mind was corrupted by a demon from a plane where mortals do not walk or see. I felt our physical health was not in danger, but had we not disposed of the apparitions in the time that we did, I feel my mind would have been lost forever. Our newest companion, the spellsmith Ghann Tanos provided us with needed support, and Owain’s love interest, Bex provided us with morale. Or perhaps it was Owain’s morale that was most aided by her song..

We were ambushed during our encampment by a poisonous beast, an athach. Fortunately my newly acquired street skills were of use here, as of my newly acquired fortitude from taking, well, perhaps a few too many beatings in the alleyways of Treff… Unfortunately my sword, made of metal was no match for some of the black ooze we encountered. Our journey through the floors and mezzanines of the ruin brought us great horror among both the dead and the living. We met a large, winged serpent like creature at the top – of its origin I am unfamiliar. It was dark magic I had not seen before.

Despite the somewhat overwhelming odds, we emerged victorious. Great were our accomplishments, and many more I feel are in our future.

Upon our return, I immediately resumed my training in the alleyways and in the darkness of Treff. I learned survival, strength, and crude battle tactics. In the darkness I roam and in the daylight I rest in the pubs with hand on my blade, ever vigilant even in rest.



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