The Flower in the Sepulcher

Mina's Notebook p. 101

We’re out of the Death temple, alive and in one piece. They moved out recently, and by they I mean a necropolis of undead. Every inch of the Numentarii stronghold was covered in bone dust so thick that the skeletons must have been stacked like cordwood. Nothing corporeal’s been in there since they moved, although we had plenty of incorporeal problems to deal with. There was a sheer shaft going down further than I cared to investigate, lined with empty coffins. Nothing I wanted to see. This is where they’re getting their numbers.

They left some intelligence for us. They thought ahead enough to clear the models from their map, but we swept them all into my haversack. Cyrus noted several dragon figures – by which he means armies. Their map also had three gems we didn’t know about – a sapphire, a golden beryl, and a diamond. Clearly places of power. The diamond is dead center in the middle of Treff. That discussion I had with Ghann appears to be more truth than conjecture. Treff is clearly not under their control. The sapphire, likely to be or have been, and also likely to be the water focus they were attempting to copy. The beryl, I haven’t the faintest.

We grabbed the Death focus and slipped out through the throne room entirely too easily. I know that something is coming. It’s big. It rattled the whole damned tomb. They know it’ll be attracted to the death focus. It’s big, it’s nasty, it’s undead, and we are going to have to move our asses to the rendezvous point and meet up with Isabella.

We’re out of the Death temple, alive and in one piece. Now let’s see if we can keep it that way.



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