The Flower in the Sepulcher

Mina's Notebook p. 107

A stolen moment before the dreaded dinner party.

I’ve been on edge for the last few hours, and I’m fairly sure it’s not just because of the party. Cogsworth has been acting strangely, sweeping the same spot in front of the patio despite my cleaning it magically in front of him. Oddly enough, he seems to think that he’s doing exactly what he’s supposed to be doing – all of his magic is quite intact.

The bailiff authorized me to send word to the Republic about the storm coming. I knew Marin would answer me. She said she’ll be sending a courier. That’s for the best, you can’t get detailed information out of the city by magic. They’ll be here within a few days, I’ll take time to sit down and write a dispatch after this party is over and done.

What’s worrying me is that she told me something that I breezily omitted when I told Finn and Galen about the sending – she told me the location of a safehouse. Perhaps a courtesy extended to anyone working with Republic intelligence, but this is Marin. She told me that I should consider putting a spare shirt in my bag, just in case, the day before I spilled acid down my front in alchemy lab. And she told me to review a particular point of the hierarchy of elements before my exit exams, which is why my diploma is evocation with distinction. I’m concerned that she thinks I will be needing that address sooner rather than later.

Our guests will be arriving soon, I can’t pretend I’m changing much longer. Time to get that dress on and see if the tailor left enough room in the hips to conceal my material components.



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