The Flower in the Sepulcher

Mina's Notebook, p. 90

I apologize for this, but I have loyalties and priorities. As someone who is clearly committed to her team, I hope you can understand. I’ve left the greater part of the passage for you; figure that out and bring it to me, and then perhaps we can discuss the invisible ink portion. Don’t leave important items in a Handy Haversack; if someone else knows what they’re looking for, it gives it up as readily as it would to you. — Lysander Bantam

Son of a BITCH. Of course he recognized it. I’ve gotten sloppy since leaving the Republic – it’s normally a very safe bet that no one even realizes it’s a magic item. They’re just so incredibly rare. But of course, he knows I’m a Tabler, and of course, even if he can’t figure it out like a craftsman, he can wait until Clyde starts scampering in his sleep, hold his hand near the opening, and hope that his hunch is so very correct.

At least it inspired a very long string of expletives which appeared vaguely amusing to Magnus. He recognized the cipher, a standard Legion issue, and happily agreed to unravel it for me. For the record, I’ve missed Magnus. He’s got some amazing ideas in that strange head of his. I’ll make a point of taking some beer when he finishes that translation, as a way of thanks and as an excuse to linger and talk. I want to hear more about the theories he’s coming up with.

Fucking hells, I was desperately hoping to just avoid speaking to Lord Bantam for as long as possible. The voice in my head that I’ve come to recognize as “what would Cyrus say” immediately informs me that I don’t have to take the bait. I’m not sure whether I’m going to give the real Cyrus a chance to back it up. I damn well know it’s bait. I’m just hoping I can snatch it from the trap.

I’d also like more than a few stolen moments with Cyrus. Not happening with his men around, but. Well. Sometimes I wish I could say more than “don’t die”. Is that at all compatible with wanting to do so many things behind his back? Is that the reason I’m trying to keep so many secrets?

I know exactly who to ask about the Bastard coin, and I might just have a few other questions for him too. Couldn’t find him today, Spelter said he was “otherwise occupied”. I think I know what that means, so I’ll leave well enough alone for the moment. Don’t know what else I’ll do tonight though. I hate when I’m the only one in the Rose. Just me, Clyde, and far too many troubling thoughts.



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