The Flower in the Sepulcher

Mina's Notebook pp. 78-79

On one hand, I’m really glad to know that there’s a Republic bar in Figaro, just a stone’s throw from the Rose. On the other hand, my headache is really, really unhappy about that. The Founding Day celebration was a ton of fun, even if I think I was a little bit embarrassingly drunk.

While Finn and I were recovering, Galen went to talk to Thessalus Watersmeet. Apparently he had a referral to make as far as traveling companions for our job with the Trinitarian Church, because Galen came back with Naheeda Sand of the Traveler’s Collective. I’d heard of her by reputation, of course. Mostly from Krog mooning over her, but one positive comment about her hunting prowess from Owain. She seems entirely too coarse to put up with Krog’s airs, not to mention too practical.

Her first impression of us was probably that Cyrus is polite and respectful and that I’m utterly insane. She did walk in right when we were working on teaching our new friend how not to use a broom… that little automaton we found is a surprisingly adaptable worker, if occasionally unaware of his own strength. We’ve dubbed him Cogsworth.

After some strategy discussion, Finn came up with the brilliant idea to bait the bandits into ambushing us. Since we needed to disguise ourselves as pilgrims, we went to look for Bex el’Enen. She’s brilliant at what she does. (Much to my embarrassment.)

Hunting the bandits went well, all things considered. Note, my definition of “well” includes “took four flaming arrows to the stomach” and “currently ignoring the depressed cleric in the back of the boat”. At least I’ve gotten good enough at guiding Ned to drive while I’m writing.

Finn and Bex’s ambush plan went off without a hitch. Finn picked out two scrags, an ogre commander, and a line of bugbears about 100 feet away. Galen teleported with Naheeda to take on the ogre before he could damage our boat, Bex destroyed one of the scrags in an underwater melee, I took out the other with lightning, and Finn picked off enough bugbears to break their morale. Then, our quarry appeared, dealing a great deal of damage to Galen before retreating. I dispelled his air walk spell, which didn’t stop him completely, but was deeply satisfying.

We ended up springing an ambush of our own, which, aside from the flaming arrows to the stomach, was incredibly successful. Bex negated three powerful allies – a hill giant and two trolls – by suggesting that the hill giant attack the trolls. It would have been more humorous if we didn’t have to deal with an angry cleric and an erinyes devil. The cleric got a confusion spell off against Naheeda, despite my best attempt to counter, but he quickly became a non-issue when Bex wrestled him to the ground and swiped his holy symbol. The erinyes was more of an issue – she used her flight capabilities to keep out of range of anything except for Finn’s arrows, which didn’t seem to graze her, my lightning, which did some damage despite her general resistance to the arcane, and the single flask of holy water that Galen lobbed at her. I had to draw her fire to keep her from killing Galen or Finn, and well, that hurt. A lot. Yet another edition of “I miss Cyrus” theater.

I’m glad our mission specifically called to leave the cleric alive. He’s clearly done evil things, terrible things, but I can’t honestly say that his reasons aren’t sympathetic. Losing everything, having it offered back, then losing it all again, even more than before? It doesn’t excuse his actions, but it certainly explains them. Hopefully Thessalus will be able to help him.

To Do List:

1. Talk to the Sole Exception about elemental foci.
2. Discuss options with Isabella.
3. Float the idea of doing some work for the Merchants’ Guilds. (Make them think twice about sending their militias after us)
4. Check on the beer.
5. See if one of the more cerebral members of the TC will talk with me about the foci. Naheeda didn’t much seem to care.
6. Find someone who can improve enchantments, my vest could use an upgrade.



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