The Flower in the Sepulcher

naheedas jurnal 5

i dont think things are going to go acording to plan for kahleena. on r way bak we found a travlers pak. it was his. kahleenas dumb pup of a brother. i get it. feelin like you dont belong anywere. but he has biten of more than he can chew. he doesnt known the ways of the wild gnols. there not to fuked with. he might as wel be poking them al in the eye with a burning stik. anouncing his precense. wat a mes. ill do wat i can for my gnol friend. i went to see her once we got back to tref. told her the news. she says that hes going to be kiled in a demonic ritual. seems that the gnolfolk in the south also worship yeenog. we hav a fortnite til the clerics have there way with him and open a portal to the outer planes. looking forward to fun times.

while we wait were taking on another quest for the green swordsmen. you think after al weve done for em they would cut this tax bulshit. its al bout monee in this citee. seems like theyve learned more about the carneleean box and the profecee. we need to chek out the fire gem from the old map. it was that or wind. screw that. i dont want to deal with enemies i cannot see. luky for me everybody agreed on that one.

gan seems pretty atracted to all this profecee stuff. i cannot really put a finger on it either way. what ever gets your roks of right? seems like him and abad will have a lot to talk about. abad is a fan of old things. tho i stil cannot realy read our newest party member. the other people dont mind him. he holds up in a fight so what more can a half-orc girl ask for?



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