The Flower in the Sepulcher

naheedas jurnal 6

this thing for kaleena isnt like other jobs. been drikin at the ful kwiver for a few monts now. shes always been kind to me. sneaks me a few extra heels of bread here and there. helps me brush up on my gnol. kaleena was my gides to Tref. i always pay bak wat was given to me. im gonna find her brother.

shes realy shook up about this mess. i canot say i get it. wat shes feeling. my mom left me as soon i stoped being usful. maried some merchant. once she had another kid… well i wasnt so important anymore. forced me to join the armee. kaleenas brother is the only family shes got. thats gotta mean something.

my thing or date as abad called it was eye opening. krogg aint like any other half orcs i met in the citee. hes too clean. speaks with a song. not realy the kinda guy i go for. yet theres something about him that had my curiositee peeked. becks heard throo one person in the for corners that he was interested. so i said fuck it. asked him on one of these dates.

it went. well. im not sure how it went. seems like krogg doesnt like jokes. or fun. or getting dirtee. or much of anything that i do. i thought id wake up his orc side. see him get a litel angry maybe. have a friendlee competition. turns out he didnt much care for that idea. tryed to get him to take of those fancee close. and by gods he went right in with them al on. after i pushed him. so much for my plan to get to see him shirtles. the look on his face as we went in tho. im gonna treasure that one.

he ended up wining. his damn catfish was three times the siz of mine. he took no joy in that either. did he really just want to eat at a nice restorant? i know he can wine and dine. shit. everybody in tref nos he can eat and talk elgantlee. im afraid hes just one of those half orcs playing human. not saying hes a traitor to my kind. just that im not sure he can even rage. no tusks that one. ill give him another chance. good thing i didnt take him to the orc bar. that wouldve been a disaster.

tomorow we hed out bak into the swamp. first to a fire temple. and then of to rescue the pup. beter rest up tonite cuz the swamplands arent kind to anyone.



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