The Flower in the Sepulcher

naheedas jurnal 7

i dunno shit bout these elmental fosi. focuses. watever. im going to let gan and abad deal with that. what matters is we got the job done and nobody died. gan almost had us convised for a secund to let him stay. crazy bastard. and i thot he was cravin. didnt realise hes obsessed with the profecee. i couldnt let him go out lik that. thats no way for a man to die. killing himself with a firebal. he wanted to see her. hoo she is we dont have a gods damned cloo. she had a armee with a fucking dragon. he didnt have a chanse. also cant have him teling the queen wat we no. i got a feeling that it is more than they would want us to no. that damned box started al of this. were is it leading us.

evrytime we go anywere we pik up strays. this time it was a metal man. aint anything ive seen before. is there somebodee in there. is he really just al medal. he says he is 400 yearsold. says hes a nite. asks us to call him sir fetlz. sir of wat. fucking nobles. i left tref to get away from them and they just keep finding me. he beter have some info about the profecee or im chucking him in the water to see if he flots.

owain is leading us to the nol hideout. im saving this pup no mater wat. im cleaning my sword and ready for a fite.



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