The Flower in the Sepulcher

naheedas jurnal 8

so owain is going to get all high and mightee about killing some folk. this isnt to much diferent from batel. me and gan layed down a litel presure so to speek. thats i how i got answers in the desert and thats how im going to answers in the swamp. havent we al had to cut of a finger or to. we got some of the answers we needed but by the time we got em. the nol camp was long gone. aparentlee they had a scout. fuk if i no. i was more concerned about not geting my ass eaten by a fuking demon.

this hole kaleena busines has left me with more questions than answers. so kaleena reveeled to me that she is a monk. well why didnt she come with us. shes strong. said something about being apart of some demon bloodline. her eyes glowed red and her claws grew long. i saw that once bak in the desert. a goblin. the guy was evil throo and throo. im not saying i dont trust kaleena but you cant really keep a lid on demon blood. its a part of you. just like i cannot play human when im part orc.

kaleena said that because we fetched her kid brother that she offers us her services. problem is she seems a bit like a stiff gal if you catch my drift. not wiling to bend rules or do wat needs to be done. im honored but realy i know this is a gift that is going to go unused. wat do we need another melee fighter for. me and lars are more than enof.

id like to stay a bit in treff for a wile. we were out in the swamp for to long. brother dick has a mision to help out the jakes people. even tho i think he is a bit much. ill deal. i wanna get my foot in the door to help out the people of the jakes. make myself non they have been put down for so long. by the elves. by the rich humans. even some by there own kin. they need a leader. and i think that its me.



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