The Flower in the Sepulcher

New Friends and New Journeys

In which Galen reflects new friends and wild magics

We arrived home from our harrowing journey to find that our door had been broken in. We followed the trail of blood to an unconscious inquisitor of St. Cuthbert. Hot on her heels were the infamous White Rabbit Runners of my homeland. I let Mina and Finn expel them from our property; to them, the only thing worse than an apostate inquisitor is an apostate inquisitor being given sanctuary by a Trinitarian. When she regained consciousness, Isabella Warden, that is her name, told us of grim news from the homeland. The Cult of Zarus has seized control of the church and all those who did not conform to their extremist ways were culled. Such a radical change to an extremist stance in the most rigid church of the most rigid god… Dark times lie ahead for the Empire of the Horse, and likely for those who stand in their way.

Thessalus Watersmeet, the head of the local Trinitarian Temple in Port Willow, is seeking help. Letours, a former shepherd of the faith, has had a great tragedy befall him. His family was killed while performing the work of the church and Letours has been blinded by his grief. He has renounced all ties with the church and has started attacking pilgrims on their journey. If at all possible Brother Watersmeet wants us to bring Letours back alive, and I will do all that this servant of The Three can to see that he sees the error of his ways and comes back home. We have some more pressing business to attend to as there is no one in immediate danger, but I hope to look into this matter in the coming days.

We encountered a wild magic zone today. It was an experience that I will remember forever, but also one that I don’t wish to have again for the rest of my twilight years. This zone of wild magic was caused by rifts in the material plane. I was fortunate that I wasn’t injured in our time there, I did not want to test the seals that bind me to this plane. Fortunately, we dispatched the outsiders and the planar rift has been closed. Our good deed of the day has been done. Now, the lumberers can start harvesting these titan trees for siege engines for the city.



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