The Flower in the Sepulcher

The Parable of Fe'el the Oracle

We had a long and harrowing journey to the ruins of what appeared to be a conduit for the element of air. Luckily we were well equipped, observant, and a little lucky and made it through no worse for wear. As we journey back I am reminded of the parable of Fe’el the Oracle.

Fe’el the Oracle, was traveling with her disciples, journeying to spread the word of The Traveling Siblings to a village on the other side of a dense wood. As they journeyed through the forest a disciple fell into a concealed pit intended to trap game. Fe’el reached into her pack and removed a rope with which to pull the disciple out. The disciples exclaimed:

“We are fortunate indeed that The Three have blessed you with future sight Fe’el. You must have seen this in your visions and that is why you are so well prepared.”

Fe’el responds:
“You are mistaken. I carry this rope to be well prepared for any situation. I had no vision of this pit.”

Fe’el and her disciples journey on and arrive at the village. They are welcomed and even more disciples join Fe’el. So many that on their return journey they ran out of food. The disciples started to despair but Fe’el instructed them to go to the same pit that they had fallen victim to before, and there they would find food. Sure enough a deer was trapped in the pit. Again the disciples praised Fe’el’s vision that had surely led her to know that the deer was caught in the very same trap
“You are mistaken again” she replied. “I just recalled the traps we encountered.”
They made camp and prepared a venison dinner. The disciples quickly ate their meals, but Fe’el ate slowly and deliberately. After all the disciples had finished their meals Fe’el had barely begun. Suddenly a hungry bear wandered into the camp and there was panic. Fe’el threw her remaining dinner to the bear, and escaped while it was distracted. This time the disciples were convinced that she had forseen the bear and that was why she had saved her meal.
“You are once again mistaken my friends,I merely bit my tongue and was eating slowly so as to not do it again.”

In the end Fe’el was always prepared but not because of her heavenly visions. It was because she was prepared, observant, and sometimes lucky.

And with that, I should get back to my maps. It would be unbecoming of a shepherd to lead those who follow him astray.



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