The Flower in the Sepulcher

Threshold Disciplines

Today was a productive day at the Arcane Order. I introduced myself to the elderly head of the order Gaspard Vereit. I also met the young researcher named Elise Somerall, she is researching the flows of magic within the swamp. Her research shows promise, however it is limited by a lack of fieldwork. My companions agreed to take her on a ranging so that she can collect samples and study the magic flows of the swamp with her own eyes.

The arcane order had quite a bit about my condition. There are three ways to restore my soul: finding a djinni to grant my wish, dying, and the grey scrolls of Anophelius II. The two former are either not feasible or not desirable so I looked into the latter. King Anophelius II was known to be the preeminent scholar on the threshold disciplines, the magic of the change from life to death. The ruins of his libraries lie in the southernmost reaches of the swamp, bordering the most savage reaches of the known world, an unsavory idea to say the least. The temple of Wee Jas may have more information on threshold disciplines and King Anophelius II.

The next day we were summoned to the headquarters of the Order of the Moss Covered Sword to discuss the carnelian box. A venerable dwarf, a walking stick in each hand, translated the prophecy of the box. The prophecy was in an ancient dwarvish language called the echoing language. He is one of the last keepers of this dying language. With an arthritic hand he turned the key and read the prophecy hidden within the box. It foretold that “the blossom will grow red with the blood of the city of the forest” (see the appendices for the full prophecy). Important things are happening in Treff. Normally I always want to change places before too long, but staying in a place that always changes might prove interesting. I will extend my stay in the City of Keels and Piles to see this through.



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