The Flower in the Sepulcher

Volume 2, Page 15

Day three in this temple. Ridiculous. I’m nearly drained of healing spells once again, and after so long needing not prepare them unduly each day. I was forced to raise the skeleton of a fallen fire giant. Quarak didn’t much like that, but he’ll accept it at least until we finish with this temple. The others, well, they’ve not said much on the subject, but I can feel their resentment and hatred of the beast and me by extension. Abad at least is comfortable with the tactics of the Mosquito Kingdom, but Naheeda was the one who most surprised me. Her concern lay only with taking a trophy for the kill. I’d have thought her survival instinct was better than that. She’d be welcome to continue rushing into rooms full of the undead and elementals, and the traps were we to allow her to begin cutting at the corpse. I don’t see what the conflict is, if she wants an ear, as she seemed to be intimating the flesh of the creatures is still laying on the floor, she could cut it off just fine! I’ve been too close to death for my taste, the skeleton will accompany me until it falls or Treff is in sight once again, I’ll not sacrifice the protection something so large and untiring offers. Let them scoff and cast distrustful eyes. My giant will absorb blows that would fell Naheeda or Lars to say nothing of the others! Petty superstitions! This beast will be as effective as so many healing spells I’ve expended time and again on my companions.



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