The Flower in the Sepulcher

Volume 2, Pages 13-14

We’ve taken up refuge barricaded in what appears to have been a mosquito kingdom treasury within the temple. We faced down a couple of flame salamanders with little difficulty, but the undead mage with them caused no end of troubles for us. He wielded arcane magics that neither Abad nor myself are yet capable of from a tactically superior position on the ceiling. With Owain exploring the Gnoll’s summoning site we were left with dreadfully little in the way of ranged capabilities against the heavily protected mage. He resisted several of my castings and ultimately required that I expend high potency healing effects to put him down; effects I had hoped to save for my wounded compatriots. They’re bravery in the face of danger was commendable, sadly our creativity did not match it. While Abad was able to climb the wall to face off with the mage and my spectral hand allowed me to engage in magical attacks against him Quarak, Naheeda and Lars were reduced to highly inefficient modes of attack, throwing acid, attempting to lasso the mage to the ground and at one point I’m fairly certain Lars through himself against the wall in an attempt to dislodge the caster. The sort of tactic I would expect from the barbarian, but from him, I’m worried his alley brawls may be having an adverse effect on him…

Following the combat we retreated to this room to prepare to delve deeper into the temple. I’ve prepared a large amount of healing magic, including a restoration to remove the effects of the skeleton mage’s enervation on Abad. I expect most of them will be expended prior to seeing combat however. We will be pressed in the coming day, and while the others are sure we shall prevail, I, as always, have my concerns. Things do look up however, we did recover the mage’s spellbook, which I look forward to reviewing once we have returned to safety, and Abad discovered a valuable folio entitled “Treatise on the Divisions of Knowledge and Magical Study in Our Empire” with important information regarding the Elementarii, Numentarii and Evocatii, three factions of the mosquito empire.

As we progress through the temple, I have yet to make it known to the members of the collective that I too can raise up servants of the undead. Yes, I’ve made it clear that my studies are of life and death, but I’ve yet to make use of that one resource which they are so very adept at producing, the corpses of our enemies. Should a worthy specimen present itself in the coming day, and should we find ourselves again in a difficult position I may be forced to allow what happens to happen and call upon mastery over the dead and hope that they judge me not to harshly.



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