The Flower in the Sepulcher

Volume 2, Pages 16-17

I saw her!

I attempted to remain behind at the site of the elemental focus. I had rigged it to devastate the temple with a quick arcane gesture and had prepared myself to silently invoke flight and invisibility upon myself in order to escape once I had gathered more information on the Mistress. Before Naheeda forced my withdrawal I saw her though. Even now the image is foggy so I must commit this to paper. And should it vanish from here then my worst suspicions will be confirmed. But that later.

She was shrouded as if in mists. A woman. The dragon addressed her as “Your Majesty,” but neither Abad nor myself are familiar with any Queens of the Mosquito Kingdom. Her hair was black. Maybe? She was tall. I think. Definitely humanoid. Already the image fades from memory. I chase it back through my mind, but it recedes ever faster and the pain it brings on indicates that it may be leading me into a trap. It may drive me to madness to pursue the memory to far.

Ser Fels claims to have more knowledge of her and her operation than I would have gotten had I stayed. I suspect he is wrong, lying merely in an attempt to turn me away from the prophecy. But to alter destiny one must take drastic out of character actions! Don’t they see! While Naheeda carried me from the outcropping I set the focus off and it sounded as though it devastated the tunnel, much of the army certainly died in its collapse.

The army was to march to meet with another army from the air focus, I hope that The Compass Rose Free Company was successful there.

We rushed to the site Owain scouted out to prevent the Gnoll’s sacrifice. Had he not found a shortcut I’m certain we wouldn’t have made it in time to save the pup. They brought forth a Bulezau, but we arrived just in time to prevent the sacrifice. In the rush we were not very well prepared for the fight, but prevailed all the same. A messy fight, but successful enough. We were joined by a rogue-ish adventurer that some of the collective already knew. Lucky there. The skeleton chased down the summoners and the rest of the collective took down the Bulezau with little difficulty. The barbarian had a close call, but I was prepared with the necessary life force to revive her. We seem to be developing some group cohesion. An awareness of each others abilities and timing.

I understand her desire not to abandon me in the temple. But what might I have been able to do. What if she isn’t a Queen, but merely a member of one of the Kingdom’s factions? There is so much we don’t know. We did acquire that library however, I’m sure that will provide hours of research opportunities. Some of the books are even annotated, which will be quite the boon.

Now I need to speak with the dead Gnoll summoner…



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