The Flower in the Sepulcher

Volume 2, Pages 18-19

That ranging is done now, we’ve returned to Treff, but it was nice to be travelling again. The letter of marque from the Order means we made quite a substantial profit off of this ranging. Abad and I finally had a chance to go over the Skeleton Mage’s Spellbook. An explosive rune and a snake sigil, but they were easy enough to disarm. Even so, perhaps I should invest in some mystical defenses of my own books. Between my spellbook, prayerbook and this new book that I intend to hold on to I have three to keep track of. Sure they’re mostly safe in my haversack, but it may be worthwhile to invest in some defenses. We certainly brought back more than enough from the ranging. I was able to find some contacts who were willing to offload their library for cheap to get it done in platinum quickly before they left the city. And with the books we liberated from the temple in the swamp I’ve got quite a collection going now. I hired some laborers to bring the books in, but the work of fixing their arrangement has just begun. The former owner certainly seems to have kept them in a haphazard fashion, though complete, so I can’t complain too much.

As far as my personal research has been going I think I’ve worked out a better way to send the Mosquito Kingdom’s summoned minions back to their plane of origin. It has some further testing to do, but this form of dismissal should prove very helpful. At the urging of some of the collective I also looked into flight and it was not a difficult trick to master, I had time even to expand on a divine speed abjuration; I believe the extra speed and opportunities provided by Haste may be useful to us in the future. Yet I’m still struggling to understand the nuances of several incantations in the Undead Mage’s spellbook: Damning Darkness, Enervation, Orb of Fire. I watched several of the casters use Enervation and heard Damning Darkness invoked once, yet I can’t quite get the trick of them yet. I’ve also undertaken a study of the architecture of the Mosquito Kingdom following several traps in the fire temple. My prying deeper into the lore and history of this region and these mystical effects however has given me some insight into how to avoid some danger preternaturally. This trick is sure to come in quite handy.

I’ve left the Giant’s skeleton in the Swamp to be recovered at a later date if necessary. Owain was less than pleased with that path, but I believe I assuaged his concerns that it won’t cause any trouble. He also had concerns over the fashion in which Naheeda and myself were gathering information from the captured Gnoll cleric. He’s an excellent warrior, but his concern for high-minded ideals will come back to bite him. At least in this case I put the gnoll down before we left, so that’s one problem we won’t have to worry about coming back on us. But from what I hear from my new companions, they’ve a history of allowing their enemies to escape. A dangerous habit to get into; its best to leave no loose ends.



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