The Flower in the Sepulcher

Volume 2, Pages 21-22

The Ooze priest has been dealt with. The old blind man’s information about the acid filled trenches proved very useful. Some of my experiments about pushing the capacity of muscles played out well and I was able to enhance the speed of the collective forces in their temple. Juiblex’s forces in the city have been dealt a severe blow, but the priest, Slazak, escaped with a well timed contingency spell vowing he would return to claim vengeance against us. This is something we’ll need to be watchful of. I’ll put in the necessary research over the next few free days I can come by. It seems life in the city is quite a bit more fast-paced than my travelling days indeed. I was able to get word out throughout the poorer areas of the city that I would accept bodies with no questions asked and properly handle their internment. The Temple of Wee Jas, through Hierophant Skaven Rubyshimmer, was kind enough to provide the necessary seed money to establish a potting field near the city, I’ll need only clear the area of Knell Beetles. A rare breed of insect that burrow through the ground, likely explaining why the Rangers haven’t dealt with them, and capable of using sound waves to shake the earth. It will likely be a dangerous outing, but I’m sure I can gather some members of the collective to assist. Abad and Naheeda at least will be interested in helping the residents of the Jakes. The area should be easily protected by the unsleeping, unhungering undead significantly cutting down on costs, and the process of accepting bodies from the Jakes will likely provide plenty of cadavers to be worked upon. I shall have to speak with the Doctor and let him know that the cemetery will be functioning, I’m sure he could do much to aid Brother Brick in spreading the word.

Owain has grown distant; something about new friends he won’t say much about, though I suspect it has something to do with his ancestral lands. Rumors are speaking of some revolutionary cell I wouldn’t be surprised to find he’d taken up with.



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