Appendices of Galen's Journal

Elder Eidolon

These ancient constructs hewn from igneous rock defy the logic of the material plane. The only substance found to damage these golems is adamantine. Affecting them with magic is also a largely futile endeavor. Avoid these relics of the Mosquito Kingdom at all costs.
The process of making elder eidolons was lost with the fall of the Mosquito magisters. Elder eidolons are constructed with impossible geometry, defying all logic; weapons seem to get deflected by an invisible barrier and what few strikes hit their mark are quickly repaired. The nearest place the igneous rocks required to craft these constructs are found today is in the Kingdom of the Ram, quite the hike to gather materials.


Ancient obelisks are found throughout the anophelian swamp. Obelisks to the east of the Parvolo are black, while those to the west are white. It is believed that these monuments were constructed to mark crossroads and settlements of the Mosquito Kingdom. Still others believe that they even predate the Mosquito Kingdom. The true nature of these obelisks has eluded scholars for centuries and remains a mystery today.

Commanding Syllable

The true authoritative work on the commanding syllable was written by Iqbal Ibn Xusaffasch, a scholar from The Venom Kingdoms, specifically The Kingdom of the Lotus, an ancient kingdom that fell around the same time as the Mosquito Kingdom.

The commanding syllable is powerful ancient magic used to bind outsiders and bend them to the utterer’s will. The commanding syllable is from an ancient language that holds as much power as Dark Speech and the First Speech. Clergy believe the commanding syllable came from the first word uttered by the gods. Arcane schools of thought postulate that it is powerful sonic magic that is beyond comprehension. The commanding syllable can bind evil outsiders, but it has been rumored to be able to bind good and even neutral extraplanar entities as well. In order to use the commanding syllable an immense amount of magic must be brought to bear through incantations, rituals, places of power, or – most commonly – through sacrifice. The mages of the southernmost regions of the Mosquito Kingdom were rumored to be master practitioners of the commanding syllable, however this is unlikely that even the most powerful mage could wield the commanding syllable without succumbing to insanity.

Vine Horror

Primitive, cruel, and elusive, vine horrors are sentient colonies of algae with the ability to assume a roughly humanoid form. They are known to stalk The Anophelian Swamp and attack by surprise whenever possible. They tend to lurk in bogs and pull their victims into the water where they have the advantage.

Vine Horrors are often mistaken for green-skinned humanoids with coarse, rough features. A vine horror’s features appear smooth and somewhat unformed. Due to the nature of this congregation of vines, piercing and slashing weapons do not have a strong effect. As they are not humanoid despite their appearance magical compulsions are useless.

Vine Horrors are intelligent and can speak Sylvan although they rarely do. When it speaks, its voice often changes pitch in unusual and seemingly random patterns.

Guided by their own malicious instincts, vine horrors seek to harm and slay and who enter their territory. Communities located too close to vine horror lairs often suffer nocturnal attacks by animated trees.

Assassin Vine

The assassin vine is a semi-mobile plant that collects its own grisly fertilizer by grabbing and crushing animals and depositing the carcasses near its roots.

An assassin vine can move about, albeit very slowly, but usually stays put unless it needs to seek prey in a new vicinity.

Assassin vines send out roots that can entangle all those around it. Additionally they send out their vines to trap and constrict their prey. Assassin vines that have been animated by vine horrors become inert once the vine horror has been slain.

On Catfish…

The largest recorded catfish in the Swamp was XXXX lbs.

Appendices of Galen's Journal

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