“I have commanded the sun and vanquished the night. I have seen my enemies ride ten-thousand strong in sable armor and I have broken them. I have united the ninety-nine lords and slain the ninety-nine chieftains. Legend has ended. History begins today.” —Anaxamandar the First, Founder of the Empire of the Horse

History runs deep in the Known World. Writing is an old invention and each of the great races discover or borrow it in turn, although most agree that the Dwarves were the first to master the art. The kingdoms of today are built on the bones of many forerunners, and the events of long ago still influence the realities of today. Below are listed, in a rough chronological order, some of the defining events of the history of the world. For the record, our current game year is 1713 A.C. (After Catastrophe) or 1106 I.C. (Imperial Calendar).

(I will make an effort to keep these straight, but as I create this chronology things may change and dates may shift. I appreciate your patience —JMD)


The Time of Legends

The Catastrophe

Stag, Ram and Lotus

Victory at Quelldawn

The War of the Vampire King

The Articles of Republican Amity

The Trinitarian Faith

The War of the Golden Man

The Century of Peace

A New World

Nations, Merchants and New Ideas


The Flower in the Sepulcher SteamBadger