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“My boat wended through the crumbled ruins of the old fortress, and there dazzled my eyes such a sight as I had never seen… That my own ancestors had regarded her as a goddess seemed not only understandable, but deeply appropriate. For what temple in the known world can rival the Bloom of Treff in magnificence and splendour? What army that walks the earth is as deadly as her guardians? What dungeon is so filled with treasures and monsters as her domain?” —J. C. Lemuel

Treff, and the Anophelian Swamp, are places wide in scope and deep in complexity. Here you’ll find pages relating to the mysteries of this verdant sepulcher and the people, history and ideas that make it what it is.


The World

The City

The Swamp


War Assets


The Travelers Collective

The Compass Rose Free Company (and Brewery)

Main Page

The Flower in the Sepulcher SteamBadger