“The variety of different beings of intelligence and speech in the known world has never failed to astound me, and I draw from it great hope and solemn faith. What potential we creatures have, when so many of us are here to fulfill it! What wonders have the gods, in their wisdom, left buried for us all to uncover?” —J. C. Lemuel, Encyclopaedia Anthropomorphia

Treff is filled with strange and colorful characters, some natives of the swamp but most sojourners like yourselves. Those included on this page are not “active” NPCs that your free company will be hiring or partnering with (they’re on the actual Characters list), but rather are those women and men of importance or significance that will be important in your travels.

(Right now I’m just putting them in a long, collective list. I’ll organize them once I figure out good metrics for doing so):

One-Shot Xante

Grand Bailiff Livia Rylaeon

Thessalus Watersmeet

Grandmaster Peltast Dragonslayer

Matriarch Sees-The-Shapes-In-The-Rushes

Leahan IX

Saresh Walks-On-The-Shallows

Sevarchus Rubyshimmer

Armand Pewtershield


The Flower in the Sepulcher SteamBadger