Sawgrass Rangers Faction Rules

Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier:

Character level +1/2 levels
Knowledge (nature) 5 or more ranks +1
Survival 5 or more ranks +1
Relevant Profession skill (taxidermist, sailor, cartographer, etc.) 5 or more ranks +1
Can cast 3rd level or higher arcane spells: +1
Can cast 3rd level or higher divine spells: +1
Base Attack Bonus +5 or higher: +1
Base Attack Bonus +10 or higher +2 (not cumulative)
Has 10 or more ranks in a single skill: +1
Wild Shape ability: +1
Animal Companion: +2
Track feat: +2
Resides permanently in Moss Point: +2
Dies in the act of a successful hunt: +15 (not that you’ll be around to enjoy it)
Alignment does not contain at least one “neutral” component: -1
No ranks in Survival: -2

Multiple Use
Completes a hunt for the Rangers: +3 per hunt (must be declared in the Ritual beforehand, but your induction hunt does count for this score)
Completes a hunt for the Rangers and brings back a trophy to donate to the Hall: +4 per hunt
Completes a hunt for the Rangers alone and brings back a trophy to donate to the Hall: +6 per hunt.
Completes a different job for the Rangers: +3 per job
Demonstrates virtuosity of skill during a hunt (check result of 30 or more on a skill check made while actively hunting): +1 per occurrence, max +3 per hunt.
Defends a fellow ranger: +2 per occurrence
Kills messily or with excess violence: -2 per occurrence
Fails in a hunt declared in the Ritual of the Quarry: -5 per occurrence
Dishonors the Grandmaster: -2 per occurrence
Mistreats an animal: -1 per occurrence

Benefits of Affiliation:

3 or less: None
4-13: I Hunt and Shall Not Fail: You have been inducted into the Sawgrass Rangers; you’ve completed your Hunt of the First Blood and stand proudly as a sister or brother. You may undertake the Ritual of the Quarry (see below) and gain its benefits.
14-19: I Run and Do Not Falter: The terrain of the swamp is as easy for you to navigate as even floorboards or firm ground; when you close in for the kill, nothing stands between you and your prey. Once per day, during combat, you may ignore terrain penalties on movement for a number of rounds equal to your affiliation score divided by two.
20-24: I Stalk and Am Not Seen: When you stalk your prey, they never see you coming until it’s far too late. If you have declared a Ritual of the Quarry and are making Hide and Move Silently checks to stalk or tail that enemy, you gain a + 5 on those rolls.
25-29: I Stand and Will Not Fear: When you declare the Ritual of the Quarry, your mind is filled with the bravery of all your sisters and brothers who have gone before. To die in the hunt is the greatest of glories, and you shall not fear it. You are immune to all fear and mind-affecting effects produced by the creature type you have declared the Ritual for.
30 +: I Die but Am Not Vanquished: This benefit is a secret known only to the Grandmaster and those who have achieved such a level of mastery.

The Ritual of the Quarry: Each Hall of Trophies in the Sawgrass Rangers’ guild hall is devoted to a different creature type. These rooms are filled with trophies, prizes, taxidermy mounts, weapons, armor and treasure taken from slain foes. And in the middle of each one of these halls is a shrine, all different but all alike. They depict a ranger dying as she or he kills their quarry. A monstrous centipede lies crushed under an orc Ranger who has succumbed to poison. A drow quarry may have speared the halfling Ranger on his rapier, but his throat is wide open and gushes blood carved in stone upon the altar. And so on. These shrines are covered in copper medallions hanging from every protrusion and corner of their marble statuary, and are central to the most sacred practice of the Sawgrass Rangers. The Ritual of the Quarry.

When a Ranger wishes to declare the ritual, he or she goes to the shrine of the associated creature type and prays. When they have done so, they hang a medallion inscribed with their name on the statue and leave to slay their quarry. A new ranger receives 12 of these upon induction, and if they complete twelve hunts they receive a fresh set of 24 (and so on). The quarry must be part of an encounter of CR at least equal to the level of the ranger + 1. They need not hunt alone, but the prestige for taking down a target solo is higher. The hunter gains the benefit of the Ranger (class) ability Favored Enemy, reproduced below for convenience. If the hunter already has Favored Enemy, the benefit stacks.

After the ritual is complete, there are two possibilities. Firstly, the ranger returns triumphantly, reclaims his or her medallion from the shrine to cheers from their sisters and brothers, and drops it into a small offering box at the foot of the shrine to be recycled. Secondly, the ranger is killed in his or her hunt and her medallion hangs from the shrine forever in honored glory to a fallen comrade. A ranger asks for no other tombstone; let this be how the world remembers a true warrior.

Favored Enemy: A ranger may select a type of creature from among those given on Table 3—14: Ranger Favored Enemies. Due to his extensive study on his chosen type of foe and training in the proper techniques for combating such creatures, the ranger gains a +2 bonus on Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, and Survival checks when using these skills against creatures of this type. Likewise, he gets a +2 bonus on weapon damage rolls against such creatures.

Sawgrass Rangers Faction Rules

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