South Fen Faction Rules

Affiliation Score Modifier:
Character level +1/4 levels
Knowledge (local) 5 or more ranks +1
Diplomacy 5 or more ranks +1
Gather Information 5 or more ranks +1
Craft 5 or more ranks +1
Resides permanently in South Fen +2
Member of a free company: +1
Member of a free company that frequents the Full Quiver: Additional +1
Member of the Smuggler’s Guild: +1
Healer at St. Clarion’s Hospital: +3
Member of the Assassin’s Guild: -2
Member of one of the Big Three merchants guilds: -2
Evil alignment -2
Non-adventuring income over 1,000 GP per annum: -2

Multiple Use
Completes a job on behalf of a resident of South Fen +3 per job
Donates money or materials to St. Clarions: +1 per 1,000 GP spent
Attends regular worship services in the district: +1
Takes the South Fen side in a street fight: +2 per fight
Joins a guild headquartered in South Fen: +1
Fulfills a difficult promise to a Fensider at a considerable personal risk: +3
Vouched for by a pillar of the community (Magnus Schnabel, Kaleena Eboncoat, One-Shot Xante, etc.) +1
Commits a crime against a Fensider: -1 to -5 depending on severity
Breaks a solemn promise to a Fensider: -8

Benefits of Affiliation:

Ranks 3 or lower: None
Ranks 4-13: Fensider: Gain a + 2 on diplomacy checks with working class Treffmen in any part of town.
Ranks 14-19: Another Round: Once per two weeks you can sponsor a night of celebration at any of the taverns or public houses of the district for a price of 50 GP. If you do so, you gain a + 2 on all Diplomacy, Bluff, Sense Motive and Knowledge (local) rolls relating to South Fen for the next month.
Ranks 20-24: Tanner Jack’s Boy: Once per week, you may hide a person or item in the tannery district of South Fen for up to three days. The tanners will expect a favor in return if this benefit is frequently invoked, and may feel uncomfortable with hiding items like corpses, drugs or whispering idols from the Mosquito Kingdom that promise sweet vengeance for a taste of blood.
Ranks 25+: You’ll Never Walk Alone: If you are ambushed or otherwise get in a scrap in South Fen, the Jakes, Flux or Lake Lemuel, you can cry for help from your friends in the area. 50% chance of success anywhere but South Fen proper, where success is automatic. In 1d6 rounds, 1d12 laborers, mercenaries, adventurers and artisans arrive on the sign to break heads on your side.

South Fen Faction Rules

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