War Assets

“The veil has been torn from our eyes, and the comfort of day extinguished. We thought we were ready. We weren’t. But we shall be” — Grand Bailiff Livia Rylaeon

War is imminent; the Anophelian Swamp bleeds and tears. The Crescent Moon Raid has shown all of Treff that what was once thought only legend and nightmare is all too real. All is not lost, however; in this dark time, heroes have emerged. Not only the sword-wielding icons of chivalry that one would expect, though there are those. Smugglers and sorceresses, pilgrims and warchiefs and spies. Exiles stand side-by-side with penitents. Treff is not a city of the timid. Treff is wounded, and frightened, and divided against itself.

But it will fight. Here are its weapons.

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Crescent Moon Raid

War Assets

The Flower in the Sepulcher SteamBadger