The Flower in the Sepulcher

A letter to the Traveler's Collective

In which Galen writes a letter on behalf of the Compass Rose Free Company

To all the members of the Traveler’s Collective,

I hope this letter finds you all in good health. My name is Galen Dwyer, one of the members of the Compass Rose Free Company. I believe some of you may have been in contact with Mina Brewer, another member of the free company. I am writing in the hopes that we could form a mutually beneficial agreement between our free companies. I am sure that The Four Corners Free Company will speak with you on this topic at length, but for now, allow me to offer my services to you as an alchemist, cartographer, lorekeeper, and priest.

It would be foolish of me to expect a seasoned troupe such as yourselves to take my words in good faith without proof. Faith in the gods is commendable, faith in a stranger is foolhardy at best. Included are gifts from all of us at the Compass Rose Free Company. Let them serve as both a token of good will as well as a sample of the services I can offer. Take them in good faith for that is how they are given. Should you be making a ranging and need any of our services, we would be happy to join you as long as it does not conflict with our obligations to the compass rose.

To the silver-tongued Abad Ibn Mousa Al-Arakis: A candle that heightens your focus for a time.
To the unyielding Naheeda Sand: a potion blessed by the gods to shield you from harm and may I never find myself at the end of your blade.
To Lars Blackenwood, the man who lets his actions speak on his behalf: a potion that is imbued with the strength of ten men.
To Owain Greenwood, who shepherds his companions through the harrowing swamp: powdered sound to aid even the keenest ears
To the nimble Quarak Talonblack: eyedrops that sharpen your sight
To my fellow alchemist and healer Maman Bayou: A salve that accelerates the natural healing process as well as the alchemical recipes for all of the other gifts your companions have received.

To the group: A sample of our latest beer as well as a map of the Swamp as far as I have charted it along with notes on sites of particular interest or danger. I humbly request that you send me coordinates and details of your rangings in the swamp. Together we might be able to map the uncharted reaches of the Anophelian swamp.

Additionally I can perhaps help you outside of our rangings. If a piece of lore needs researching or alchemical substances are needed, I will gladly assist you.

Your humble servant,

Galen Dwyer

Mechanical breakdown of what has been given

Abad: Focusing candle (+ 1 to appraise, decipher script, forgery, and search checks while within 20 ft. of the burning candle. Lasts for 1 hour)

Naheeda: Potion of Shield of Faith (+ 2 deflection bonus to AC for 1 minute)

Lars Blackenwood: Potion of Bull’s Strength (+ 4 enhancement bonus to STR for 3 minutes)

Maman: Healer’s Balm (+ 1 alchemical bonus to Heal for 1 minute, can be applied as part of a heal check with no further action required to apply it)

Owain: Keenear powder (+ 1 alchemical bonus to Listen checks for 1 minute)

Quarak: Fareye drops (+1 alchemical bonus to Spot checks for 1 minute)

Beer: Pretty tasty, at least as good as what One-Shot Xante serves up

Map of the swamp: feel free to send Galen coordinates of your adventures to flesh out everyone’s knowledge of the geography of the swamp.



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