The Flower in the Sepulcher


I met Lord Greystone and the incredibly humble leader Lord Clemont Bishopsgate of the Lords of Exile after receiving an invitation sent to the collective’s headquarters. My interest was piqued when I learned of the formality of the occasion – after roaming the streets of Treff’s back alleys often going without clean clothing for days, a formal banquet was a delightful escape. What I quickly learned of the Lords of Exile however was not entirely what I had expected…

I walked into the party with a Potion of Bull’s Strength, adorned in fine dress clothing I had purchased that day. Upon first glance the party felt like that of the nobility I remember serving long ago. Actually, my first impression of Bishopsgate made me reminisce about the early days of my life with nobles. His command of the room around him, his certainty, direction, and confidence was admirable. It did not surprise me that he was at the head of all this.

During dinner, I brown-nosed and played my part a bit. The banquet itself was more delicious than any meal I had had in Treff thus far. It too had reminded me of the nobility of old and feasts within the great halls of the kingdom’s main castles.

I had not expected to leave Treff, but the words that bellowed unexpectedly from Lord Bishopsgate at the end of the feast caught me off guard. He wished to return to the Kingdom of the Horse in a months time. Murmurs and whispers, chatter erupted across the room as people appeared confused, befuddled and upset. Why would Bishopsgate strip all these people of the home they have made for themselves? Despite our loss during the uprising, most of us have achieved freedom in different ways. Perhaps Bishopsgate will not take those who are not loyal too kindly, perhaps… he will view them as traitors.

I spoke with Greystone briefly before returning home, I am to be initiated on Friday in a little more than a week’s time. He claims I will not worry about leaving the collective for now, but that my help would be very much needed. I will look to Cyrus as an example. I feel as though my work with the collective, Treff, and the Kingdom of the Horse is connected somehow, and my quest with my companions is just as important as my new objectives with the Lords of Exile. If it comes to it, Bishopsgate will have to learn.



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