The Flower in the Sepulcher

naheedas jurnal 10

al it tuk was a plot, a kidnaping, and the threat of violense to realee make the travlers colective feel like a teem. seems that lucheeo had a run in with some money colecters. one thing rohgs are never gud at is keeping their coin. he was up to eyebals in dets. so wat does he do? fakes his death. cowerds way out. cant say i epected more from the sneeky basterd. abad Abad Ibn Mousa Al-Arakis living up to his luv of bad plans goes along. lars didnt seem to be bothered at al. and somehow i get roped into their skeem. a public cry, a litel hide and seek, and paying off some goons. we got our hands on the colecter. tied that fuker up like a pig. and boy did we make him skweel and sweat lik one too. turns out he was part of some two bit theives guld from the ermeen reblic. he bot up al of lucheeos det. thot hed cum along nice and kwiet because he had his sister as a hostage. (ill be talking to the rogh about that shit later. cant lie to the colective and expect to get away with it.) jak managed to show up to the partee to. he didnt care much for another club colecting on his turf.

it al tunred out fine in the end. somehow we owe the great dwarf of the docks a favor. fuk if i know how that happened. too manee dam human groops to keep trak of. i was trying to make sure the litel worm didnt escape during our kwestions.

gotta say after that mission. i felt us grow. we worked like a real teem. id like to see more of that in the future. were becoming a nice cozy familee.



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