The Flower in the Sepulcher

naheedas jurnal 4

in which naheeda batles a ogre barbarian

owain and abad dragged me on another mision for jack. abad wants to get in with jack. that was why he was so demanding. as for owain. there is something that he isnt telling us. why the hell does he care about these serfs? tref is crowded and noisy. nothing here for me to do if you get my drift. the orc bar was fun and al. but i want a reel threat instead of just playing with razors. lucky i found one while going to pick up those slaves.

i got to do wat i do best. facing down posibel death. in this case it was a giant fucking ogre charging me. 10 feet tall and 650 pounds. that mother fucker was something fierce. mad as hell. covered in warts, scars, and holding a tree trunk. wat is the only way to deel with a raging barbarian ogre? rage back. it feels so gud to the let the anger go. im no longer naheeda. no longer a halforc. no longer anything. im just a instrument of destruction. nothing to wory about except my enemees.

the ogre and me faced of for a few rounds. his club smashed my ribs, my face, and my left arm. my sword only took a bite out of his torso. but i wasnt going down til he did. its not everyday day that i get to go toe to toe with a brute this strong. face a challenge like this. this is wat it is like to be alive. blood coursing thro my vanes. with some magical ade from abad and some melay help from lars we took the basterd down.

the other guards at the warehouse werent even worth r time. owain wouldnt let me kil the leeder. ordered me not to. who the fuck does he think he is? that asshole sicked a ogre at me. no mercy for that. why does the he want this bahrook guard captain alive? i smell past conflicts. it wud be nise for him to share with the partee his other motives. after we get these pesants out of here back to our collective friend. knife ears and me are gunna have a chat.



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