The Flower in the Sepulcher

Tactics and Tricks

These ones once again set out to assist the collective friend. Those ones are rapidly becoming a central tenet of our collective’s work, and in fact the similarity in name is not lost on this one. While others attended the smuggler’s market, the one called Naheeda and this one journeyed to One-Eyed Kor’s. Little of interest occurred. That one engaged in some mock-combat. This one stood alone. None choose to speak with this one. This one was prepared to alleviate all manner of woes in respect for the value of Saturday to those of the City.

Following those outings, The Traveler’s Collective set about the planning and execution of the tactical recovery of several slaves. Potentially, these ones failed to account for the necessity of healing inside the warehouse, but more likely, these ones underestimated the White Rabbit Runner’s commitment to remaining within the warehouse. Not a single guard came to the aid of those outside in response to the illusory investigation gifted to this one by Bethekk.

Once the rest of these ones dispatched the Ogre, they relate to me that it was quick work to convince the mercenary leader to stand down. These ones are becoming quite adept at forcing local strong-arms to stand down. This may come back to bite us if one manages to survive…



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