Crescent Moon Raid

“Take arms! A Raid! A Fight! Take arms! Defend your homes! Defend your streets! A Raid! Take heart! Awake! Fight on! A Raid! A Raid!” —The Town Crier

It came to be called “The Crescent Moon Raid” for the moon, though in its meekest phase, shone clearly and brightly through the smoke and cinders that whirled above the city. A coordinated attack by mercenaries and special operatives of the faction styling itself the reborn Anophelian Empire, the damage to Treff’s infrastructure and morale was considerable. The drinking water aqueducts were damaged, many boardwalks torched, and many citizens lost their lives or livelihoods. However, thanks to the efforts of the powers that be (some of them, anyway) and of the individual adventurers of Treff, assassinations were largely foiled and sabotage somewhat contained. Nevertheless, the raid demonstrated once and for all that Treff was under a real and present danger; the invasion was coming. This is often marked in histories as the day that war was well and truly declared.

Events of the night included:

Stern resistance by Mina Brewer at the Sign of the Polling Place, where she rallied a militia of expatriates to rout a force of abominations and saw the War Flag of the Ermine Republic planted in Victory on St. Alban’s Square.

The triumph by Finn Tawaren and the Mutual Beneficent Society of Timberers, Lumberjacks and Carpenters General over a massive construct of abominable cruelty and insane design in Carmine district.

The stalwart defense of the Full Quiver by Owain Greenwood and One-Shot Xante, who, when the battle quieted, were found to have struck down more than 120 foes with their keen-eyed arrows.

The capture of a high-ranking officer of the Dragon’s Hoard mercenaries by Abad Ibn Mousa Al-Arakis and other members of the Smuggler’s Guild in the Jakes.

A path of righteous slaughter carved through the enemy ranks by Naheeda Sand, who left limbs and heads rolling into the canals, and defended her people admirably and bravely.

Lars Blackenwood and Cyrus Drylands held off a horde of zombies in Moss Point, saving the lives of dozens of civilians.

And many other fine and worthy deeds beside, to be told after these announcements of current grain prices and lead futures…

Crescent Moon Raid

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