“Treff’s like a man with a dozen wives. They’re all so busy arguing with one another that he can do more or less as he pleases.” —One-Shot Xante, Proprietor of the Three Quivers Public House

After the fall of the wretched Mosquito Kingdom in 1311 A.C. (704 I.C.), about 400 years ago, the Anophelian Swamp was left without any central organizing authority. That is still true, largely, although the burgeoning metropolis of Treff certainly has a number of factions that vie for power in influence in its districts. The first three listed here are the most important, but all of those here are important players in the “dragonfly dance” (to borrow the Consensus’ term) of the City of Keels and Piles. This list is not exhaustive and will grow, although not included here are those persons whose power is wielded individually or through personal potency rather than institutional authority.

Faction Mechanics

Order of the Moss-Covered Sword

Sisterhood of the Lizardfolk

Lunar Court of the Aquatic Elves

Sawgrass Brotherhood

Merchant Societies

Smuggler’s Guild

Assassin’s Guild

Lords in Exile

Society of the Sole Exception

The Arcane Order

First Treff Trinitarian Church

Embassy of His Imperial Majesty


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