Law and Crime

Laws of Treff: Fundamentally, the jurisprudence of the Floating City is summed up by the preamble of the Consensus:

“All creatures of sentience in Treff are born free and equal under the petals of the Blossom of the City. To nurture a harmonious society in which all may benefit from the prosperity of commerce and of industry, in which creatures of all shapes and languages may break bread and quench their thirst in a spirit of brotherhood, in which the horrors of this land’s unholy past may be extinguished by our hopes for the future, we, the representatives of the Most Venerable and Righteous Order of the Moss-Covered Sword, the Sisterhood of the Mother Lizard and the Court of His Royal Highness Eletherian XI, do hereby codify and make covenant these laws of the city of Treff. Like bees we toil, like dragonflies we dance, like wasps we fight to the very last.”

The laws of Treff and the spirit of the preamble are remarkably progressive for this era. Thus, the city of Treff can be regarded as a Neutral city, with tendencies towards Good and Chaos.

I won’t bore you with the myriad trading laws and festival regulations of the City of Keels and Piles, but the criminal laws are of necessary interest to those of adventuring character. Here are the fundamentals, applied to all sentient creatures within the city of Treff.

—Theft shall be punished by the payment of gold equal to triple the value of the stolen property (quintuple in the case of a boat) or by a length of indentured servitude to be determined by a Sheriff of the Order.
—Arson shall be punished by the absolute confiscation of the condemned’s property, a public flogging, and exile from Treff on pain of death. In a city built on boards, even one built over water, fires can be devastating.
—Vandalism shall be punished by fines according to the severity of the offense.
—Smuggling with intention to avoid tolls, levies or taxes shall be punished by fines not less than double the value of said tolls.
—Rape shall be punished by castration and banishment.
—Disorderly conduct shall be punished by stockading or punitive service not to exceed ten hours.
—Assault with intent to kill shall be punished as by arson, exception being in self-defense.
—Murder shall be punished by hanging by the neck until dead, exception being in self-defense.
—Trafficking in forbidden drugs shall be punished as arson.
—Trafficking in slaves shall be punished as arson.
—Trafficking in magical items or magical spells of the Mosquito Kingdom shall be punished as arson.
—Trafficking in other contraband (unlicensed weapons, unlicensed poisons, stolen goods, espionage, others) shall be punished by confiscation of property and punitive service to be determined by a Bailiff’s court.
—Torture and murder, the sacrifice of sentient beings, the working of magics most foul and abhorrent (including but not limited to the raising of the undead, the trafficking of souls or the summoning or service of demonic and infernal creatures) or attempts to damage or kill the Blossom of the City shall be punished with death by drowning for air-breathing criminals or by staking in the air for water-breathers.

Law and Crime

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