The City

“Treff is a city in an unlikely place, filled with unlikely people, built in an unlikely fashion at exactly the right time.” —Haldin Ironmonger

Treff exists at the confluence of two of the great rivers of the Known World: the Parvolo, which run south from the mountains of the Kingdom of the Ram into the Southern Jungles, and the Al-Kadar, which runs east from the fields of the Empire of the Horse into the Anophelian Swamp and then into the forests of the Kingdom of the Stag and eventually into the coastal city-state of the Ermine Republic where it meets the Shining Sea. Treff sits in the northern third of the vast Anophelian Swamp, a no-mans-land once ruled by the mad monarchs of the Kingdom of the Mosquito, dead for more than five hundred years.

Size and Population

A Brief History

Political Structure

Law and Crime


The Blossom of the City





The City

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