The Swamp

“The Anophelian Swamp is a laboratory for magic and natural philosophy alike. Here the arcane fire meets the mundane mud, and life is more alike to pyrotechnics and lightning than to candles and fireflies. What beauty there is, in this mad world I have found!” —J. C. Lemuel, Anophelian Accounts, Vol. 1

The Anophelian Swamp is an enormous wetland that sits at the confluence of the two great rivers of the Known World, the Parvolo and the Al-Kadar. These two river produce a massive drainage basin that has given rise to an everglades honeycombed with creeks and smaller rivers. The legacy of the ancient and horrific Mosquito Kingdom still poisons many of these waters, and the variety and lethality of the local wildlife (and other inhabitants) should discourage any but the most intrepid from visiting. Still, the fact is that the Known World is in no short supply of foolhardy adventurers, eager to make their mark by setting off into the darkness. Here, then, is the parchment on which your tale will be written.




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The Swamp

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