The World

And after the Catastrophe, the Peoples of the World did Walk the Roads, and They did Build the Cities and Farm the Fields, and from Them came the Nations and the Kings and the Queens, and Never did They Make Gods of Themselves Again. So it has been and so it will be, below the Sky and the Sun and above the Earth and the Rivers…" —The Book of Ways, the Way of Beginnings

The Known World is a large continent with a diverse climate, analogous in size to Earth’s North America. It contains a wide range of ecologies and biomes, ranging from torrid jungles to the south, rolling fields and grasslands to the west, deep forests to the east, mountains and deserts to the immediate north and cold, rainy regions to the northwest. It is bordered to the East, West and far North by the Shining Sea, the Ocean of Moons and the Frozen Sea, respectively. The southern third of the Known World is a vast and mostly unexplored jungle, the Jungle Penumbral. Only the most daring bravos of the Ermine Republic have touched the southern shores and only the most greedy or foolhardy Treffmen have braved the treacherous Lower Parvolo river to seek the fortunes therein. A long chain of islands inhabited by peoples with strange customs stretches eastward from the coast of the Shining Sea, and may lead to a new continent, and a New World, across the water.

The relevant countries and regions of the Known World are listed below. The Anophelian Swamp has its own wiki page and information about it can be found there.:

The Kingdom of the Stag

The Empire of the Horse

The Ermine Republic

The Kingdom of the Ram

The Venom Kingdoms

The Lands of the Northwest

The Imperial Marches

The World

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